Letters to the Editor

Trump deserves a chance

Retired University of Kentucky professor John Stempel, a veteran of our foreign service, is alarmed that 20 experienced State Department officials have just been sacked.

Perhaps these were the geniuses who cooked up regime change for Egypt, Libya and Syria, and the “Cash for Mullahs” deal. Maybe they were responsible for embassy security in Benghazi, and the doctrine of “leading from behind.”

Stempel evidently agrees with Sen. Angus King that President Donald Trump’s travel pause is “the worst foreign policy decision since the U.S invaded Iraq.” Actually, that prize goes to our departure from Iraq. Maybe the fired geniuses recommended that, too.

Iran just celebrated the 38th anniversary of its revolution with flag-burning and chants of “Death to America!” Stempel worked in Iran. Too bad he was not there to tell the crowd that the 9th Circuit had just given each of them a constitutional right to actually bring death to America.

Stempel says China, Iran and Russia are “waiting in the wings.” Those countries are already flapping their wings all over the South China Sea, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Trump was not most Americans’ first choice; neither was Abraham Lincoln. He deserves a chance.

Cameron S. Schaeffer