Letters to the Editor

Teach civics, not the Bible

Clinging to the incorrect notion that America was founded as a Christian nation, Kentucky legislators, most of whom have never taught a class or served on school boards, have now decided that a course in religious education should be taught in public schools.

Apparently to appease evangelicans and keep their voting majority, Republicans are making their yearly attempt to circumvent the Constitution.

Teachers of college freshmen can tell you that what they lack is not Bible literacy — it’s civic literacy. They need to know how our country works — how the three branches of government use checks and balances to keep any one branch from becoming too powerful.

To become informed voters, they need to search for truth: Learn about immigrants who actually made this country great; hear and evaluate what meteorological scientists say about fossil fuels and climate change; reject unsupported threats and terrifying predictions.

Finally, they need literature and the arts to enrich their lives and engage their minds. Perhaps, if they read Henrik Ibsen’s play, “An Enemy of the People,” they will discover that our real enemies are not journalists. The enemies of the people are those who, for their own destructive purposes, hide the truth.

Shirley Baechtold