Letters to the Editor

Barr does not compute

While watching a live stream of Congressman Andy Barr’s town hall meeting in Mount Sterling, I observed a constituent share how Obamacare had helped him and ask for its preservation and improvement. Barr’s response was to counter this man’s story with a lecture, stating, “Here’s the reality ... I hear from constituents all the time who have ‘new coverage,’ the problem with the Obamacare exchange plans is that they are high-deductible policies, so they’re effectively uninsured ...”

I had to watch the video again to ensure I had heard Barr correctly — that he was claiming one of Obamacare’s failures is the prevalence of high-deductible plans. You see, on Barr’s own website, in outlining his health-care policies to expand access to affordable quality care, he specifically states that the “solutions include ... promoting consumerism through high deductible insurance policies …”

Which is it? Are high-deductible plans the problem or the solution? This doublespeak is just one of the many problems with how Barr purports to represent the interests of his constituents. Apparently, he prefers to score rhetorical points than to really listen to us and pursue policies accordingly. His representation of us is just empty words.

Angela Criswell