Letters to the Editor

UK values money over students

The constant buzz of new dorm construction has reverberated around the University of Kentucky for the past few years that continues to this day. Every effort is made to make the on-campus living experience meet and exceed student expectations.

But as the movement to keep students and their wallets on campus grows, essential resources for those seeking cheaper options have been slowly taken away.

With each shiny slab of granite laid for the new dorms, another older, low-cost option to students closes. Despite still being listed, with pricing, on UK’s website, the eight “traditional” Blanding/Kirwan options are all closed, leaving students $4,949 a semester as the cheapest option. And that’s only 16 percent of the rooms.

After those 1,300 are reserved, there’s nothing under $5,400. That’s $10,000-plus a year, just for housing.

The cost has forced many students to seek off-campus housing, and they need information about the locations more than ever.

How has UK responded? It froze the funds of the UK Off Campus Housing office; canceled the office’s annual apartment bus tour and spring fair, and left 23,000 students to fend for themselves when looking for safe, affordable off-campus options. With little to no knowledge about available housing, students find themselves seeking the cheaper rents offered by neglectful landlords or in dangerous areas.

It’s sad to see UK put the dollar ahead of full disclosure to its student population.

Corey James