Letters to the Editor

Listen to the child

One day while my great niece and I were waiting at a clinic, she had to use the restroom. There were two doors with figures, one in a dress and one in pants. I ask my niece which restroom we should use. She looked at the men’s and said, “not that one.”

Later while shopping, she had to go again, and again there were two restrooms. A woman went ahead of us. I told my niece we could go in the men’s room if she had to go really bad. She said, “no, I am not going in a man’s bathroom.”

I hadn’t thought much about it and had forgotten until I caught the tail end of a radio program discussing the issue of restrooms being shared by women and men. I think I should take my niece, who is four, to speak to those people who came up with this notion.

Joyce Baker

Crab Orchard