Letters to the Editor

Surpassing Trump corruption

As an historian, I thought the Gilded Age and the 1920s would never be surpassed for corruption, incompetence or conflict of interest. The Trump cabinet secretaries will necessitate the rewriting of American history.

The secretary of state was awarded the highest civilian honor bestowed by the Putin dictatorship in Russia, and the removal of sanctions assures the controversial Exxon-Russian oil deal.

The secretary of treasury and five former Goldman Sachs executives will swiftly nullify bank regulations that protect investors. Goldman Sachs is the bank that candidate Donald Trump condemned throughout his campaign.

The education secretary, a billionaire, shows little knowledge about schools and has spent millions in a war against public education to advance her charter school panacea.

The agriculture secretary will ease regulations on agribusinesses that use toxic chemicals and promote unhealthy animal/farm conditions.

The EPA chief opposes environmental restraints, even on dumping industrial waste into our waterways.

The attorney general has a 30-year record of opposing equal rights for·women, blacks and LGBT individuals.

The Senate, in its rush to approve this billionaire cabinet, has suspended committee rules and ignored longstanding ethical and conflict-of-interest inquiries. God save us from those who will make America anything but great.

Henry E. Everman