Letters to the Editor

Division is our history

I’m sick of hearing preachers, politicians and pundits talk about the division in America. Our country has always lived in division. It was born in division — a revolution. Read American history.

During our founding, 30 percent of the colonists wanted freedom, 30 percent favored England and the rest didn’t care. Read about American Tory families who were stripped of their property and sent in poverty to Canada. Soon after George Washington left the presidency, America fell into division as Federalists and anti-Federalists battled.

Study the barnburner election in 1800 if you want to see party hatred, then read about the election of 1824 to see how the “Corrupt Bargain” and political parties fell into gutter hostilities.

Move to the Civil War, Reconstruction and the 1876 election. Study labor riots and how anarchists and workers threatened the very future of the country. Battles over slavery divided brother against brother. Women’s suffrage struggles, socialists in the 1930s and Vietnam radicals in the 1960s represent our history. Division in public opinion is America.

The difference now is that one political party and its allies in the national media have lost an election and will complain for the next four or eight years.

Robert Adams