Letters to the Editor

Accurate injury, illness records save workers’ lives

Not one more person should have to die because of a preventable tragedy at work. The recent op-ed by by Robert Weiss of Home Builders Association of Kentucky grossly misrepresents a lifesaving workplace protection issued by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Maintaining accurate injury and illness records is more than just “red tape” for employers. These records are vital for protecting workers from dangerous conditions in the workplace. By inspecting employer records, OSHA can use its limited resources to identify and target the hazards putting workers at the greatest risk. If employers do not keep accurate injury logs, working people will suffer preventable fatalities and injuries on the job. Make no mistake — repealing this commonsense protection would be a direct attack on working families in Kentucky and nationwide.

Weiss characterizes the rule as OSHA’s attempt to “unilaterally change the law” and impose “excessive red tape” on businesses. In reality, the rule simply clarifies an employer’s ongoing duty to maintain worker injury logs for five years. OSHA has been holding employers accountable to this standard for the past four decades.

Instead of using the Congressional Review Act to repeal basic safeguards on behalf of big corporate donors, Congress and the White House should protect working people.

Emily A. Gardner

Public Citizen’s Congress Watch

Washington, D.C.