Letters to the Editor

War on war, not women

A recent letter demands a reply because such blind disregard of the horrors so often faced by unwanted children cannot go unchallenged.

On every level the war against a woman’s right to control her own body is wrong, evil and disgusting. If the money wasted on anti-abortion propaganda were dedicated to fight war, maybe we could have peace in the world.

But we do not see billboards saying “Bullets stop a beating heart.” Bombs, rockets, bayonets, machine guns and other weapons of war end human lives — not one human life but hundreds or thousands at a time.

To paraphrase the letter writer’s words: War is a vicious procedure designed to kill and remove from the world human beings after they are fully developed, carried to term and birthed.

Those being killed are human; each one is created from a human egg and a human sperm. They are alive. But war kills them and millions more like them.

The anti-abortion people will do all in their power to prevent a woman from doing what is necessary in her life.

They will harass a woman on the worst day of her life — at an abortion clinic — after they have made it illegal for her to have such medical procedures done in a hospital, by her own doctor.

I do not have words to describe my disgust for them.

Emmett F. Fields