Letters to the Editor

Letters: Renaming of football stadium


Dollar prevails

For many years the University of Kentucky has properly and proudly promoted itself as the university of the state, the flagship.

Now, thanks to the athletics department and director Mitch Barnhart, it appears that it will be the premier university of Kroger/JMI. How sad.

Commonwealth Stadium has, since 1973, borne the name that carries the image which until now represented what UK has said it is. The tail is now wagging the dog, and the dollar prevails.

In the context of both the university and the athletics budgets, the dollars are paltry. Barnhart says there will be so many more perks, but I wonder their value. Will we see grocery ads on the message board and hear them on the PA system ?

I am a very unhappy and disappointed alum.

Bob G. Rogers


Doghouse for Doug

I recently learned that Commonwealth Stadium is going to be renamed Kroger Field. A great opportunity is being missed by not renaming it Big Ass Fans Field. I was going to write a couple of lines about the appropriateness of that name, but my wife urged me not to. (She also urged me not to send this letter, but at least she got half of what she wanted.)

Doug Smith


Old logo better, too

The name of Commonwealth Stadium should never have been changed. The powers that be at the University of Kentucky should renegotiate and change it back. Also, while UK officials are at it, they should change the mascot logo back to the previous Wildcat.

Sarah Camden


Useful reminder

The name change of Commonwealth Stadium to Kroger Field just stinks. If the University of Kentucky is going to depend so heavily on such blatant and ugly corporate sponsorship, it should change the name to Depends Field.

Given how little interest our current crop of kleptocratic representatives to Washington have in the common wealth and health of the people of Kentucky, removing this reminder that Kentucky is in fact a commonwealth seems unwise.

David Henderson