Letters to the Editor

Pillory on wheels

For the first time in my life, I am utterly embarrassed by my city of Lexington.

I was pleased when I heard the city would begin taking any panhandler to a job, if they so desired and were capable of working. It is a nice way to help these individuals get back on their feet while helping to decrease the frequency of panhandling.

But then I was shocked that the words “End Panhandling Now” would be on the side of the van transporting them. I did not realize the panhandlers would be paraded through town, labeled for all to see.

Many Lexingtonians hold contempt for the panhandlers, and mean-spirited and callous comments are often made. This is contrary to Lexington’s history of being inclusive.

Panhandlers deserve the same respect as every other person in the city. This otherwise good program is demeaned by the tacky slogan on its van. It is beneath Lexington’s otherwise kind reputation.

Walter Frazier