Letters to the Editor

Town Branch Commons an unwise city investment

Regardless of all the fluffy, artistic renderings of happy folks riding bikes and/or sitting along a 4-mile linear park along Midland Avenue and Vine Street, this project is a gross waste of money, much like the failed, ludicrous glassification of Rupp Arena.

But powers that be want big spending, contractual projects for politicians and contracting beneficiaries. Spending $10 million per mile won’t bring people downtown any more than the treed sidewalk area that already exists. Plus, higher priced parking will happen with the parking lot development between High and Maxwell streets.

Why not spend money on solar panels atop Rupp and civic center?

Why not spend money for statues with novel sound systems to educate visitors about famous local characters like Adolph Rupp, John and Joan Gaines, Isaac Murphy, Les McCann, Sweet Evening Breeze, Belle Breezing and Smiley Pete?

Why not a stoplight with improved walkway next to the viaduct and Urban County Government building for bus riders to get to or from Main Street and the transit center?

Look out, taxpayers.

Don Pratt