Letters to the Editor

Planning commissioners’ bias

Amen to the Herald-Leader’s editorial describing “the mess that is the planning commission.”

I attended the recent meeting wherein the commission discussed whether Lexington should expand its urban services boundary. Some members, who made it clear they have personal development and real-estate interests, care far more about their own finances than what is best for Lexington. I heard comments from them about wanting to be able to build houses in the county and make money.

These folks have a duty to look beyond their own pocketbooks and focus on what’s best for Lexington. Development and real-estate folks who consider only their own interests have no business planning the future of our beloved city.

It’s horrifying that the stewardship of our most precious, irreplaceable asset — our world-famous, iconic green belt — could rest in the hands of folks whose interest apparently is in making as much money as possible from carving up that very green belt.

Name one city whose economy, aesthetics and identity are more inextricably linked to its surrounding green space. I can’t and I’m confident no one else can, either.

Mary B. Griffith