Letters to the Editor

Women use health care

I’m pleased to hear that Sen. Mitch McConnell will “allow” women to sit in on the closed meetings for writing the new health care bill. This is a positive move. However, it is vital that women not only be present at those meetings but that they also have an equal voice, which means having an equal number of men and women and allowing all to vote.

Over half of the people who will be affected by this bill are female, and we have historically had to fight for dignified health care and proper coverage by insurance for prenatal care and other needs specific to us. These needs matter just as much as men’s health needs.

McConnell should go further and ensure that all of his constituents will be represented as this health care bill is written. He should hold hearings, listen to experts and listen to the voices of women and men.

Kiersty Lemon-Rogers