Letters to the Editor

Right fix for health care

As a lifelong Republican, I find it disturbing to watch my elected representatives campaign and stagger along trying to repeal and replace Obamacare with a better health-care law.

Thirty-two of 33 developed nations have universal health care; the United States the only exception. A 2015 study by The Commonwealth Fund found the U.S. public spending on health care amounted to $4,197 per capita in 2013, more than any other country except Norway and the Netherlands.

In 2013, the average U.S. resident spent $1,074 out-of-pocket on health care, exceeded only by Switzerland. Total U.S. per capita health care spending was $9,086, compared to the median of $3,661 for countries surveyed. U.S. spending for health insurance towered over that of other countries at $3,442 per capita, more than five times that of the second highest-spending country. About 34 percent of U.S. residents were covered by public programs in 2013, including Medicare and Medicaid. By comparison, every United Kingdom resident is covered by the public system with spending at $2,802 per capita.

The bottom line is that our officials are failing us by not developing an up-to-date, comprehensive health-care system for the greatest country on Earth.

R. Paul Baumgartner