Letters to the Editor

Jerry Tipton should stick to sports

I enjoy reading Jerry Tipton’s insights into the sports world, but occasionally he has the urge to drift into social commentary, and his prose inevitably suffers. Such was the case with his June 11 “income inequality” spiel seeming to equate the University of Kentucky basketball program’s ability to stage a televised pro-scouting event with a monkey experiment.

Drawing his inspiration from liberal New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, Tipton seems to think this is evidence of less-than-fair competition. Well, life is not fair, and it is unlikely that Slippery Rock will ever achieve the notoriety or success that UK enjoys on the basketball court. Certainly there are people who prosper through family connections or luck, but this country has always prided itself in being a meritocracy where most people rise to their own levels of success based on innate talent, education, training and hard work.

We may envy the mega-rich or the gifted athlete, but we don’t resent them. I’m sure the 12th man on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench does not resent LeBron James receiving grapes while he receives only cucumbers.

David L. Patton