Letters to the Editor

Democrats rush to condemn

We all should be concerned about the haste with which Senate Democrats removed former governor and state Sen. Julian Carroll from leadership over alleged sex acts and called for his resignation. I cannot believe they examined all the evidence within 24 hours. Carroll had no time to respond. The caucus compromised the integrity of due process and innocent until proven guilty just to engage in pandering.

I have no doubt this matter would have sparked outrage if it involved one man and one woman. However, the outrage seems aggravated because two men were involved. Senate Democrats’ rushed response seems to stem from the stigma that surrounds sexual minorities; their action reinforces that stigma. This is too hypocritical from the party whose platform is to protect LGBTQ constituents and the due process rights of those who face systematic oppression. Are the Democrats that quick to judge and throw principles out the window?

I am not defending the alleged actions by Carroll. The allegations against him are serious and deserve scrutiny. Senate Democrats clouded the process owed to Carroll, the survivor and public. They should bow their heads in shame for selling out their own party principles.

Michael Frazier