Letters to the Editor

Kentucky needs blue states

In regard to the July 14 letter “Get behind Trump agenda,” which expresses the writer’s desire to expel California from the Union:

In 2015, the New York state comptroller published a study analyzing the amount of money each state receives from the federal government in various payments compared to the amount of money the inhabitants of the state send to the federal government in various taxes. Among the payments counted in this analysis were Social Security benefits.

An appendix in that report shows that in fiscal year 2013, Kentucky received more than $25 billion more from Washington than it sent. California sent nearly $2 billion more than it received. California’s excess payment represented about 7 percent of Kentucky’s windfall.

Social Security benefits are to rise 2.2 percent in 2018. Perhaps the letter writer, whom I happen to know has reached the age at which there is no economic incentive to defer receiving Social Security benefits, would like to put his money where is mouth is and decline to receive the increased amount, which is paid for by the “Hollywood liberals” he wants to kick out of the country, along with the liberals in other blue states like New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Minnesota and Massachusetts.

Jonathan Edwards