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Letter writers oppose giving voter data to Trump panel

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Protect voter privacy

In their July 24 commentary, Dan Rose and Ron Vissing ask, “What was Secretary of State Alison Grimes trying to hide by refusing to cooperate with President Donald Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Electoral Integrity?”

In refusing to hand over Kentucky’s voter data, Grimes is not hiding what Rose and Vissing call dirty voter rolls, but protecting Kentucky citizens’ right to privacy.

Trump alleges, without citing any evidence, that 3 million to 5 million illegal votes were cast in the last election. Rose and Vissing are trying to bolster Trump’s claim by collecting evidence of widespread voter registration fraud.

Among the evidence they cite is data showing that across the nation, more than 1.8 million deceased people are listed as voters and 2.75 million people are registered in more than one state.

Deceased people may remain on a voter registration roll for some time simply because election officials who maintain the rolls are not notified of their deaths. People who move from one state to another may remain on a voter roll in their former state if they do not notify election officials that they no longer reside in that state.

These cases do not constitute fraud. Independent studies have shown that the percentage of documented voter fraud in U.S. national elections is extremely small.

Beverly Salehi


Applause for Grimes

Although I surrendered more of my morning than I wanted, I read the long commentary from Americans First on why Kentucky should turn over our voter data to the White House commission.

When I got to the end, I expected some revelation of real cases that people actually voted illegally.

Instead, I was left with the information that we need to do better with voter registration and purging voter rolls of deceased or ineligible voters. Not one instance in which any of those registered in Kentucky actually voted or even tried to vote.

Kudos to our secretary of state for protecting our sensitive information against a real and costly witch hunt.

Cheryl Barber


A Trump ego trip

I couldn’t help but be amused by the commentary, “Ky. should give voter data to Trump panel,” about President Donald Trump’s request that all voter data from Kentucky, and nationwide, be turned over to White House for examination.

One has to wonder if Trump had won by almost 3 million votes instead of losing by that margin would this even be an issue.

But Trump’s ego won’t let this go, thus this charade on American voters and taxpayers. Kudos to Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes for protecting Kentucky voters from an egomaniac who is more than willing to put himself over country.

Bob Sutton


Don’t release my info

I consider my voting information to be as privileged as my medical and legal information.

I am giving public notice to Secretary of State Alison Grimes to not release any of my personal voting information to Washington, D.C.

Men and women of federal and state government who lie to us daily and have no transparency should not and cannot be trusted.

Dan Rose and Ron Vissing of Americans First appear as evil in their commentary as the threatening phone calls Kentucky families endure daily.

Resist; act against, strive against, oppose.

James Rodgers


How does that compute?

Regarding the July 24 commentary by the conservative Americans First movement and its delusional idea that massive voter fraud is happening right under our secretary of state’s nose: Do these intellectual heavyweights understand who holds the Senate, House and governorship in Kentucky?

Here’s a clue: They are not Democrats.

Norman E. Goldie Jr.

Mount Sterling

At issue: Commentary by Dan M. Rose and Ron Vissing, “Ky. should give voter data to Trump panel”