Letters to the Editor

Respect transgender patriots

The purpose of military recruiting offices throughout the country is to encourage young adults to come in, sign up, serve and perhaps die for the people in this great country. In return, recruiters promise what the country and government will give back to them. My father and brother were career military men. One fought in two wars and the other in one. By the grace of God, they returned home each time.

Now the commander-in-chief tweets that the military no longer wants the men and women who come into those recruiting offices if gender info on their birth certificates has changed. I ask myself why would someone transgender even want to sign up, protect, serve and perhaps die for the freedom that many of them are denied on a daily basis.

I think they do it out of duty and because they are hopeful that they may be part of protecting a future generation that will see the worth of all people, a generation that will say thank you for your service, without the asterisk that says “unless you are transgender.”

The 1.1 million men and women who have died in all the wars we’ve fought thought they were dying for the freedom of all Americans, not just the ones deemed acceptable by the commander-in-chief.

Debra Rickerd