Letters to the Editor

Explanation defies logic

So we are supposed to believe that candidate Donald Trump did not know anything about his son’s, son-in-law’s and campaign manager’s meeting with the Russian lawyer. But if we are exercising sober, logical and critical analysis, we might conclude that Trump was a virtual participant in that meeting.

We know that Trump was in Trump Tower at the time. We know that Jared Kushner left the meeting part-way through. Maybe he went to the bathroom, maybe he went to make a phone call or maybe he went to his father-in-law’s office.

We know that Paul Manafort did not look up from his phone throughout the meeting. Maybe he was playing Candy Crush, maybe he was ordering pizza or maybe he was texting a live play-by-play of the meeting to his candidate. Maybe Trump actually knew about this meeting as it was happening just down the hall from his office.

I tend to rely heavily on logic, maybe too heavily.

Sean McElroy