Letters to the Editor

Ark Park wizardry

Answers in Genesis chief communications officer Mark Looy’s Aug. 6 letter never explained why the Ark’s for-profit shell company sold the park to the Ark’s non-profit shell company for $10, then sold it back again for $10 a few days later. Someone from the Ark must have just wandered into the courthouse and filed the property transfer by mistake. Since they supposedly don’t drink, it must have just been a clumsy error or an accident.

The Williamstown folks were merely acting paranoid when they felt the Ark did this property transfer not only to avoid having to pay for adequate fire and police protection, but also to threaten not to pay any property taxes to help fund the local schools. Not only are the Ark’s leaders the world’s most holy men and know more about science and religion than anyone else, they are also ace businessmen, financial wizards and philanthropists who want only to help Williamstown and Grant County public schools.

That must be it.

Daniel J. Phelps