Letters to the Editor

Facts on popular vote

I still hear references to presidential election results from last November. I think the topic is still alive because the results of the popular vote are usually stated improperly, such as: Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by 3 million votes, give or take the 3 million to 5 million illegal votes in Trump’s imagination.

Once and for all, stated clearly, here are final results:

Trump received 62.9 million popular votes, or 46.1 percent of the votes cast. There were 73.6 million votes cast for candidates not named Trump. The important fact to note here is that it’s not just the Clinton 3 million, but rather Trump lost the popular vote by 10.6 million votes.

Equally important to recognize, and maybe more telling about any “Trump mandate,” is that with total voter turnout at 53 percent, Trump received a popular vote total that represents the wishes of 24.4 percent of all eligible voters.

You can verify those numbers at the official Federal Election Commission website. Draw your own conclusions about what these numbers may mean, but use the complete facts, please.

Jim Brutsman