Letters to the Editor

Consensus isn’t science

There is a widespread misunderstanding about consensus and science. Consensus is not science and vice versa. Science is the quest for truth; it is never-ending. Science challenges the current consensus in search of a better explanation; it requires open dialogue with full disclosure of data and methods.

Consensus is the prevailing view, the resistance to new ideas and change, a knowledge monopoly of the current entrenched dogma.

What distinguishes consensus monopolies? It’s their refusal to engage in an open dialogue with dissenting scientists, claiming the science is settled. They tend to control major scientific journals by a process called peer review, whereby they screen out any dissenting papers, blocking their publication.

Mainstream media is another gatekeeper of the consensus. They portray science as speaking with a single voice, thereby justifying their censoring of opposing opinions by qualified experts. The public is never allowed a look behind this facade of 97 percent certainty of the global warming consensus.

The constant repetition of spurious reports like CO2 causing an increase in asthma or the frequency and extent of flooding are effectively propaganda. There is absolutely no credible evidence to support these wild claims. If it’s unverified, it’s not science.

George Tomaich