Letters to the Editor

Bizarre explanation on gun violence

Don’t blame mass shootings and gun violence on mental illness, pyschologist Brighid Kleinman said in her commentary. Wow. I have been skeptical of statistics ever since an undergraduate statistics course at the University of Kentucky more than 50 years ago. We proved a correlation between tobacco chewers and hub cap thieves. Now, that dates me.

Only 5 percent of violent gun crimes are committed by diagnosed mentally ill individuals. Not all of us nut jobs have been captured and analyzed. Technically, does that mean we are sane?

I got my first gun when I was eight years old. Over the years I have owned other guns. I have never shot anyone. Actually, I have not even fired a gun in probably a year or longer.

I will assure you, anyone who fires a gun, much less kills another human except in a last ditch effort to save their own life, is severely mentally ill. I don’t know all of Kleinman’s credentials, but mine are 72 years of life.

Robert Murphy