Letters to the Editor

University Press: a commonwealth treasure

The Kentucky legislature should retain full funding in support and recognition of the immense literary values of the University Press of Kentucky to the citizenry of our commonwealth.

Since my retirement in 1999, spanning four decades of Kentucky state government service, I surprised myself by becoming an author, publishing five non-fiction books to date — ironically, none of which were published through the facilities of the University Press of Kentucky, because it better suited by writing purposes to be self-published.

However, our household contains multitudes of various fine works produced via the University Press, which are frequently referenced for confident research, as well for reading enjoyment and enhancement. They are a great resource featuring numerous esteemed Kentucky writers.

It would be a travesty if on the 75th anniversary of the University Press it were shoved into the archives of antiquity, therefore depriving this treasured storehouse from the educational pursuits of future generations.

Don J. Dampier