Letters to the Editor

Only right to work for Medicaid benefits

The headline loomed large with the reprehensible news: “Some Medicaid recipients will have to work for their health coverage.”

Most things worth having are worth putting some effort into getting. I worked at a job, now and then, that I didn’t love because I did not want to lose my health insurance.

Why is it such a ludicrous idea that an able-bodied person put effort into receiving what they desire to have? I see nothing in the government plan that will demand 90-year-olds or toddlers having to work for their insurance. In fact, I see quite a few allowances for people who are otherwise encumbered. But for someone to reject a community service job because it cuts into their social-media time or is below their dignity: Please give me a break.

Anyone who believes they are due something should thank their lucky stars they were born in the whiny Great Society era, and not when heroic men and women colonized this country. If I remember correctly, the thinking then was, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”

Thanks to the Kentucky government for attempting to bring back dignity and a work ethic, which will be strange for people who have never known either. They will be truly blessed.

Pat Nussbaum