Letters to the Editor

Don’t tamper with school councils

Kentucky’s School-based Decision Making Councils bring together principals, teachers and parents to improve culture and academic results in schools.

Having led a council as principal and a district as superintendent, I know that attentive school councils play a critical role by seeing students’ needs from multiple perspectives. SBDM councils are ideally positioned to tailor decisions to make sense and get results for students and families.

There is no need for legislators to redefine governance roles to diminish the councils’ actions as proposed in Senate Bill 55. In the best school systems, superintendents and school boards work alongside school-level leaders and respect each other’s viewpoints and expertise. Our SBDM councils deserve information, understanding, support and a strong voice.

Now more than ever, our administrators, community representatives, principals, teachers, parent leaders and students need to stick together and deliver the best education for Kentucky students. Senate Bill 55 will only stand in our way of accomplishing this purpose.

Roger L. Marcum