Letters to the Editor

Here’s how to clean out Frankfort

Kentuckians need to show up, now. We’re witnessing public health care, state pensions and public education being taken away, handed over to dark-money GOP donors and their puppet legislators.

First, sex harasser legislators: Just resign.

Ask or find out if your state representatives attend Koch brothers or corporate-funded ALEC meetings, bringing back pre-written, pro-business “model” legislation to introduce or pass in the legislature. If so, they should resign.

Did representatives sign Grover Norquist’s “no new taxes” pledge? Then they won’t do comprehensive tax reform to find desperately needed revenue; instead, they cut public programs: Go home.

Some representatives use legislation for their personal church; others write bills to further their own business: Go home.

Ask women legislators to prepare a comprehensive tax-reform proposal to submit to the public for discussion. Remember that congressional women resolved the last federal government shutdown.

I am confident that the women’s plans will be different than what failed rogue Republican males are doing in secret behind closed doors.

Register to vote and show up at the polls. The current governor won with votes of 16 percent of registered voters — not a mandate for what he’s doing to our state. If he won’t release his tax returns: He should resign.

Ramona Rush