Letters to the Editor

Kentucky flooded with anti-solar propaganda

Electrical utilities, attempting to protect their monopolies by crippling Kentucky’s solar power industry, are backing House Bill 227. It nearly eliminates compensation to solar consumers for the extra energy they generate and send back to the grid, energy which utilities resell to their customers.

State law already limits utilities’ compensation to home solar generators. Utilities have never provided any data to show the need for this legislation nor shown evidence that this arrangement is a subsidy.

There is such opposition to this bill that the interests pushing it have launched a media campaign to misinform the public and lawmakers. The Consumer Energy Alliance has been manipulating media and directly contacting the public in Kentucky to disseminate false and deceitful information.

It has been rebuked by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for fraudulent campaigns and was found to have submitted falsified public comments in a crusade against the Wisconsin solar industry.

Passage of HB 227 will increase the utilities’ monopoly and destroy a growing industry that already supports jobs. Contact your representatives and tell them you reject the ruse of the CEA and the dirty tricks. Ask them to support rooftop solar and to vote no on HB 227.

Jen Walters Petry