Letters to the Editor

Save University Press for students

To our legislators, please reject the governor’s proposal to eliminate funding for the University Press of Kentucky. The press provides crucial training for University of Kentucky students. Defunding it would have very negative effects on our students’ job readiness.

I supervise the English internship program. Dozens of our students do internships in Lexington in which they use their research and writing skills to help businesses. They gain job experience and earn college credit simultaneously. Most of them work at the University Press of Kentucky, where they learn the ropes of the publishing industry and hone their writing skills. UPK has led many students directly into paid jobs and careers.

UPK is also important because it publishes beautiful books about Kentucky and its culture, and has scholarly series in military history and film. It has adapted to the new, cutthroat conditions in the book industry. My position makes it my duty to emphasize the crucial role of job training it plays in our economy and our university.

I urge legislators to reject this and other defunding proposals that will harm Kentucky education. Education is the key to a bright future; that’s why I go to work every day. Please do right by our students. They are the future.

Pearl James