Letters to the Editor

Push bill to save pets in hot cars


Rep. Tommy Turner won’t call Senate Bill 8, which would protect pets in hot cars, for a hearing in the House Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee. The bill passed easily in the Senate.

It was initially assigned to the House Judiciary Committee. How or why it was reassigned to Turner’s Committee, which usually hears bills regarding hunting and fishing, remains a mystery.

House leaders David Osborne and Jonathan Shell have the power to re-assign bills. Additionally, the governor has made disparaging comments about the hot car bill, insinuating that we shouldn’t be concerned about the bill, a no-brainer, while there’s budget and pension work to do.

Kentucky is ranked last nationally for animal laws. We will remain so as long as this level of behavior is tolerated. Call 1-800-372-7181 and ask the House to pass SB 8.

Melissa Bowman