Letters to the Editor

Putin trolls undermined election

According to a letter writer, “The Trump campaign paid the Rebeka Mercer-financed firm Cambridge Analytica $6 million. They had Jared Kushner and his data housing and mining operations, which provided voter names, addresses, and prior voting records for targeting purposes.”

If this is true, why aren’t Democrats shouting it like the GOP would 24/7? “They targeted potentially susceptible voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania with direct mailings, as well as the tailored Facebook and Twitter messages from Russian trolls,” said the letter. This is how Russian president Vladimir Putin was so effective.

As soon as quotes from the “grabber-in-chief” hit the wires, WikiLeaks started dropping new bombshells from the stolen Democratic emails day by day sending that info right where it would do the most good. Beautiful coordination between Putin’s oligarchs and the Trump campaign.

It does not take a math genius to see that Hillary Clinton had almost 3 million more votes than Trump and would have won but for former FBI director James Comey and those votes in the states targeted by Putin and his minions. Trump’s collusion with Russia raises questions about his loyalty to the U.S.

Walt Dickenson