Letters to the Editor

No more President Nice Guy

The talking heads on 24/7 anti-Trump channels are upset the president does not do things like previous presidents.

Our country has been run by professional politicians from both sides for years and they have made a mess of it. We have been acting like policemen of the world, spending trillions of dollars while our military has sacrificed lives, limbs and minds protecting countries all over the world without any payments from ungrateful countries like Korea, Japan and NATO members. We have spent similar amounts of money in “nation building” in other countries. We have amassed trillions of dollars in debt. The next few generations will end up paying back all that. Most of the things we buy here are made in foreign countries.

Isn’t it time to change all that and say loudly “We are going to put America first”? No more free access to our country’s huge consumer market, no more free defense and nation-building for other countries and no more immigrants who sneak into our country and add nothing to our economy. Our president is a very successful businessman from New York. He thinks and talks like most of us do in private and tweets to us. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Neal Walker