Letters to the Editor

N. Korea isn’t going to attack

Vice President Mike Pence had no meetings with any North Korean delegation during his South Korea Olympics visit, but had such a meeting occurred, he said his message would have been that “North Korea must once and for all abandon its nuclear weapons program and ballistic missile ambitions.”

When Europeans watch the news, do they see messages on the screen such as “Threat from North Korea”? I don’t think so. Are European countries working on a plan to keep North Korea from developing nuclear weapons and ICBMs? I haven’t heard of such a plan. Why is the U.S. the country that believes they have the authority to determine which countries may possess nuclear weapons? If the warmongers in Washington would keep their mouths shut we would hardly be aware of North Korea’s existence.

It would be an idiotic act for North Korea to attack the U.S., or any of our allies, and I don’t believe the idiots are in North Korea.

Edmund Wells