Letters to the Editor

Ky. school should stand for gun rights

The scene from a recent protest over gun control at Simon Kenton High School in Independence greatly disturbed me. The school, which is the namesake for one of America’s greatest frontiersmen, protested for gun reform.

This has to be one of the greatest hypocrisies ever witnessed. The school, whose mascot is a pioneer carrying a gun, now wants guns taken away.

Kenton — a man whom the Indians called “The man whose gun is never empty” — now has his namesake school being perverted by a group of students demanding tighter gun restrictions.

The time has come for another Simon Kenton to stand up. He would stand up for teachers being equipped to protect themselves and their classroom. I call on the citizens of Kenton County to remember the man whose gun and guts blazed the trail for our great commonwealth. Stand up for your gun rights and teach your children to respect guns as a means of self-defense.

David Eldridge

Taylor Mill