Letters to the Editor

Bevin launching war on Ky.’s poor

The Kentucky Center for Economic Policy has published its assessment of Gov. Matt Bevin’s plan to reshape the state Medicaid program. This assessment is the most objective and truthful account of the Bevin effort we are likely to receive.

The conclusion is that nearly 100,000 people will have to drop out of the program, but more importantly, this effort to cut Medicaid expenses will cost more than if the state did nothing. This is not to mention the terrible effect it will have on the health of the affected citizens.

What kind of people would devise such a plan and then falsely advertise it as good for the commonwealth? Either they are malevolent and conducting a “war on poor people” or complete morons. I honestly don’t know which. I do know we need a plan or divine intervention to get the commonwealth out of the quicksand in which it is sinking under this Frankfort administration, and that no help will come from the confederation of dunces that comprise our state legislature.

Jack C. Blanton