Letters to the Editor

When words disappear

Creationists and evolutionists, be of good cheer. The debate is over: We are not evolving, but devolving to the primordial soup. I bought some Valentine’s Day candy, the kind we all had as kids — the flavored hearts in pink, purple, white, orange, yellow and green that had sentiments appropriate to the holiday printed on each piece. The words differed —“Be my valentine,” “I love you” or “You’re cute” — but none required the use of a dictionary to understand the thought expressed.

However, in our modern society, that was asking too much, so no more words. Words have now been replaced with emoticons or pictures. So, like the Neanderthals who used pictographs, we too are abandoning words. The emoji will now become the method of communication in our modern society. Ah, progress.

James F. Wisniewski