Letters to the Editor

Medicaid changes reasonable, welcome

Reading the Herald-Leader can be depressing, especially with stories of Democratic mayors in Lexington, Memphis and New Orleans placating Black Lives Matter by desecrating memorials to the Confederate dead.

So it was refreshing to see the article concerning Medicaid rule changes that call for able-bodied people without dependents to get a job, attend school or perform community service for only 80 hours a month.

Of course, whining and lawsuits from the far left have already started. A plaintiff in a lawsuit with experience in the welfare industry has decided that 80 hours a month and paying $1 to $37.50 premium is too much. I guess he would love paying the $400 a month and more that many people pay enrolled in Affordable Care Act.

The lawsuit was filed by three nonprofits, only one in Kentucky. “Nonprofits” is code for underachieving, overpaid ambulance chasers looking for a buck.

Predictions are that 95,000 people currently on Medicaid would drop off the rolls, reducing the financial pressure on taxpayers. I thank God we finally have a governor who’s more concerned for taxpayers than he is with buying votes by putting people on welfare.

Lanny Vincent