Letters to the Editor

Utilities cheating solar customers

Electric utilities, like KU, are lobbying to support utilities and crush the residential solar upstarts. House Bill 227 claims that solar customers benefit by using the electric grid for nighttime electricity but don’t pay to support the grid.

Not true. All customers pay a basic service charge of at least $12.25 per month to connect to the grid.

HB 227 will destroy the economic incentives for residential solar by extending the time required to recoup the investment, while authorizing KU to profit at the expense of solar customers. Now, when a solar customer makes extra electricity, KU will credit the customer at the same price it charges.

KU accepts the electricity into the grid and sells it to a neighbor for between 10 cents and 27 cents per kilowatt hour. If HB 227 passes, KU will take the solar electricity for 3 cents. Instead of a 12-year payback on investment, the new payback will be close to 30 years.

KU says they are consumer friendly and support Energy Star appliances and recycling. They even support solar electricity if they are the ones generating it.

Urge your representatives and senators to vote against HB 227 and to support residential solar in Kentucky.

Russ Whitney