Letters to the Editor

FDA protects Big Pharma

Associated Press

The Food and Drug Administration is planning to pull homeopathic preparations from the U.S. market. The official rationale is to protect us from the “dangers” of homeopathy, which is the second-most-used method of health care in the world. Why? Because it works.

As a health professional for 50 years, I worked with individuals treated by pharmaceuticals. Some were helped, but others had nearly fatal reactions to medications. Many prescribed pharmaceuticals have led to an addiction crisis.

Listening to TV ads describing medications is enlightening. While the ads tout the benefits, the list of possible side effect — often including fatality — is lengthy. How many pharmaceuticals approved by the FDA have later been pulled because they proved harmful? How many class-action lawsuits involve harm from medications?

How many lawsuits deal with homeopathy? Does the FDA really need to protect us from homeopathy, or is this more about the FDA protecting the interests of pharmaceutical companies?

The FDA’s decision must be stopped. We should have the right to choose whether we use pharmaceutical medications or homeopathic preparations. Please take every action at your disposal to ensure the FDA does not proceed with this plan.

Linda Langley