Letters to the Editor

Beautiful Southland area bank destroyed

I started a beautiful day recently, then I went into the Nicholasville Road branch of U.S. Bank. Someone in their bank business has made the decision to tear out most of the beautiful walnut trim and eight-feet-tall doors that adorn the interior lobby.

The walnut teller counters have been cut up and reduced and cheap looking glassed-in storefront aluminum has been installed to make office cubicles in what was once a great interior lobby space. It’s horrendous what they have done to this beautiful bank lobby. The monolithic terrazzo floors haven’t been destroyed yet.

One of the best buildings, certainly in the Southland area, the U.S. Bank building at the corner of Jesselin Drive and Nicholasville Road was built by J.T. Perry of Perry Construction and Perry Lumber fame.

Perry built all his projects very well, including our own Triangle Park in downtown Lexington. To see the interior of this beautiful bank building mutilated this way is very disheartening. I hope someone in this bank will rethink what they are doing to another small piece of Lexington heritage.

Bryant Feigel