Letters to the Editor

Stempel wrong on Trump

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“Where’s the outrage?” hyperventilates John Stempel on Feb. 25. His claim of an unfolding “U.S. political crisis” is reinforced by all the usual Democratic National Committee talking points faithfully regurgitated on MSNBC and CNN, in the New York Times and Washington Post.

Like most wishful liberal Russia-collusion conspiracy theorists, he claims President Donald Trump owes Russian President Vladmir Putin. Let’s see what the facts say about that in the last year: Sanctions continue to be ratcheted up on Russian companies and Putin cronies, more lethal defensive weapons are being supplied to Ukraine, NATO forces have increased their presence in Eastern Europe, U.S. energy products are helping many Eastern European nations wean themselves from Russian suppliers, and recent U.S. and allied forces killed Russian mercenaries when they attacked our forces in Syria.

Those don’t sound like the actions of a president trying to curry favor with Putin or hide collusion. Stempel claims that over 40 “miscreants” on the White House staff still don’t have security clearances. I’m sure there are decent people in that cohort who don’t deserve to be called “miscreants” just because they might be some of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorable” voters.

David L. Patton