Letters to the Editor

Eblen mean-spirited about Republicans

Will Tom Eblen ever stop? He describes all Republicans in pejorative terms. He takes every opportunity to question their motives, truthfulness and integrity.

However, his March 1 column about Kim Davis’ book went too far, even for him. He described Gov. Matt Bevin, Mike Huckabee and Franklin Graham as “holier-than-thou public figures.” Bevin and Huckabee, being politicians, are very accustomed to being called all kinds of names.

But Graham? I’m sure he doesn’t consider himself “holier-than-thou” nor would he use that term to describe others, even his detractors. His lifetime of Christian-based charity work is well known worldwide. To describe someone in those terms may say more about the accuser than the accused.

Eblen claims to be a Christian, and I have no doubt that he is. However, the points he wants to make may be taken more seriously with less derogatory name-calling.

James B. Todd