Letters to the Editor

Trump, Pence, Mitch, Ryan are traitors

Testimony before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed that President Donald Trump has taken no lead in preventing Russian interference in our 2018 elections. Trump also avoids imposing reprisal sanctions on Russia for its 2016 election intrusions, while pious Vice President Mike Pence fervently fawns over Trump. Senator Mitch McConnell (supposedly the Senate leader) and House leader Paul Ryan, who is now Trump’s total toady. let Trump get away with dereliction of duty and national security,

History will damn these four horsemen of our apocalypse, along with the completely complicit Republican Party. Trump could not decimate our government and endanger our security if Republicans resisted. But only erratic blips arise from the GOP. No continuous Republican resistance resounds from Capitol Hill to condemn Trump in this ongoing hour of national crisis. These four fake leaders will be branded as traitors for allowing capitulation to Putin.

Michael Gregoire