Letters to the Editor

No outrage? Pay attention!

Republican business leaders sent a letter to state legislators warning that teachers and public workers have too sweet a deal on their pensions The sweet deal: On average, state employees get $16,161, and teachers get $36,244.

Republicans say the system is broken and must be changed for workers and teachers to pay for their own pensions, even though analysis shows those changes would cost 4.4 billion more than the current plan. These Republicans ignore a 2013 Pew study which indicates "pension reforms enacted in 2013 put Kentucky on track to full funding." They ignore the Pew study, "Looting of Public Pensions," which warns that a plan like theirs will have “disastrous consequences.”

Education and public service are the largest employers in most counties. Cuts in salaries and benefits will result in the decline of services and money spent in local economies, leaving communities to stagnate. Just like roads and bridges, teachers and public workers are part of the economic infrastructure that Kentucky can no longer afford to neglect.

If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention. Call your legislators and demand funding for the existing pension programs.

Margaret Groves