Letters to the Editor

What if politicians were required to tell the truth?

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if our U.S. elected officials were required by law to speak only the truth to U.S. citizens? A federal law criminalizing lies would change everything. For instance: President Donald Trump has, on record, over 2,000 documented lies during his first year in office — not even counting the many ridiculous prevarications of the election, or the innumerable egregious pronouncements made since.

It is abundantly clear he wants to be a dictator, and he and many so-called conservatives are pushing hard to place him in that position. Their attacks on our FBI, the press and other institutions of our democracy are clear evidence of this and a disturbing reminder of how this very same thing happened in Nazi Germany. In fact, the majority of Trump’s election campaign rhetoric was derived expressly from Hitler’s playbook.

Young people and the less educated will not understand these references and will most likely attack me personally for speaking out. Nevertheless, these things need to be said.

Stephen Howell