Letters to the Editor

Right on script for Trump saga

Title: “What Could Go Wrong?”

Opens with long shot of The federal Supermax prison outside Florence, Colo. Camera pans from cell to cell. We see names on the orange jump suits:

Khalid Mohammed, Timothy Kosinski, Eric Rudolf, Terry Nichols.

Finally, the faces of Jared Kushner, (Jude Law) and Donald Trump Jr. (Luke Wilson) come into focus. They sit on cots; thousand-yard stares.

Five years earlier: Two excited lawyers (Jessica Chastain, George Clooney) run into the office of Bob Mueller (Tom Hanks). Trump (Bruce Willis) is on TV in background. Picture changes to Eric Trump (Owen Wilson) posing with dead lion.

Chastain and Clooney thrust a folder they just received from New York Times reporters (Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling) onto Mueller’s desk. On the folder is a black and white graphic of a smoking gun.

Also stars Whoopi Goldberg as Maxine Waters, William H. Macy as Steve Bannon, Tim Robbins as James Comey and Steve Buschemi as the bumbling detective.

That’s where I am so far. Whaddya think?

Darryl Halbrooks