Letters to the Editor

End the Trump nightmare

The “Trump-hole” experiment is over, and it’s time for the nightmare to end.

Everything I hold dear, and have always been so proud of in my country, has been diminished or tarnished by the moron in the oval office, including respect for others, humility, dignity, honesty, honor, the rule of law, world leadership in human rights, compassion and kindness towards those in distress.

In just one year, he has caused incredible damage to our democracy on multiple levels. It’s time to recognize what’s happening, cut our losses, and get back to some level of decency. We must end this idiotic chaos.

He has attacked our sacred institutions of a free press, reputable intelligence gathering, law enforcement and an independent justice system, all of which are essential to an open democracy. He’s alienated many of our world allies, and he’s leading us on a path of authoritarianism with his “America First” agenda. He’s scary, reckless, brainless and dangerous.

I’m actually ashamed of him and the members of my beloved Republican party, who are complicit and refuse to recognize the damage being done to our country. It’s time for impeachment and/or Article 25 removal. Let the nightmare be over.

John M. Fox