Letters to the Editor

Support the University Press

The University Press of Kentucky (all of Kentucky, not just UK) is a nationally respected organization that helps tell Kentucky’s story to the nation and the world.

I worked 42 years as a librarian at Eastern Kentucky University, one of the 13 institutions of higher learning served by the Press, in addition to the state’s two historical societies, and I understand the power of books. Books published by the University Press help preserve our history, bring important research to public attention, continue the availability of works by great Kentucky authors, and give exposure to talented new writers.

Those who are familiar with Kentucky culture and particularly its literary history know that the University Press of Kentucky has made and is making tremendous contributions to our state. Our legislators in Frankfort should restore it to the budget. If a reasonable cut is necessary, so be it; but don’t zero out University Press, 75 years in the making, out of existence.

Verna Freer